Mindful Musings

Can You Make a Living as a Music Artist?

There are all sorts of myths and assumptions surrounding the life of a “starving artist.” It’s not uncommon for people to abandon pursuing their passions for a “real job” with the perception that life as an artist is too difficult, unrealistic and requires mostly luck. Many people believe that you are either a starving artist …
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Finding Your Musical Voice

For much of my life, I wanted badly to be a better songwriter. I took the advice from my teachers and wrote almost every day, but it seemed like I was just pumping out one mediocre tune after another. Sure, songwriting takes practice like any other skill, but I was missing two key components of …
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The 3 Biggest Myths About Motivation

Maybe it’s a millennial thing, but I grew up in a world where we were all told that you can do anything you put your mind to. That anything is possible with a pinch of persistence and a bit of elbow grease! We’re given a lot of grandiose statements without anyone clearly defining exactly what motivation is and …
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How to Discover the Next Big Step in Your Music Career

Just the other day, I finally held my first headstand during my yoga practice. (Yes!) After almost a year of building strength in dolphin pose and more than a month or so of holding my feet against the wall, I was finally able to pop up in the middle of the classroom. It took so …
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