The 3 Biggest Myths About Motivation

Maybe it’s a millennial thing, but I grew up in a world where we were all told that you can do anything you put your mind to. That anything is possible with a pinch of persistence and a bit of elbow grease! We’re given a lot of grandiose statements without anyone clearly defining exactly what motivation is and …
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Are You Getting Worse on Your Instrument?

You’re committed to learning your instrument. You make it a priority to practice every day. You’re surrounded by great learning resources and practice tools. But somehow when you sit down to play it feels like you have only been getting worse! You’re not alone. Feeling like you’re putting a lot of effort in and only …
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How to Discover the Next Big Step in Your Music Career

Just the other day, I finally held my first headstand during my yoga practice. (Yes!) After almost a year of building strength in dolphin pose and more than a month or so of holding my feet against the wall, I was finally able to pop up in the middle of the classroom. It took so …
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